We would like to share information for residents that may be helpful at this time, including local support organizations, companies now hiring in our area, and national resources. 
    Local Support Organizations |  Companies Now Hiring In Our Area |  National Resources  

    Help In Navigating Available Resources

    We're here to help! You're invited to reach out to for assistance in navigating CARES Act information and government-related resources.

    Local Support Organizations

    • Salvation Army of Collin County  |  972-423-8254
    • Salvation Army of Plano  |  972-423-8254
    • Assistance Center of Collin County |  972-422-1850
    • Allen Community Outreach |  972-422-1850
    • Community Lifeline Center |  972-542-0020
    • Anna Christian Community Outreach |  214-884-6871
    • North Texas Food Bank |  More Information 
    • Collin County Service Organizations |  More Information 
    • Assistance Center of Collin County |  More Information 
    • Collin County Rent Assistance Programs |  More Information 
    • Wylie Community Christian Care |  972-442-4341

    Companies Now Hiring In Our Area

    National Resources